1 smartphone + 2 years = Good luck — A look at smartphone insurance

The LifeProof case is one of the few that protect an iPhone from water damage — up to a liquid depth of 6.6 feet!

Yes, it happened to me. I dropped by smartphone (the original G2) in the water. It stopped charging and went dead on me forever. Even though I had caved and bought insurance, it took me a few days to get over the $130 deductible and the ongoing $8 monthly fee. Ultimately, with 3 smartphones covered by insurance on my current 2-year family plan, I figure I’m ahead, spending about $692 for 6 phones (yes, 3 have already been replaced). But should you consider smartphone insurance?

I spoke to Asurion, the go-to insurer to the four major phone carriers. Odds aren’t good that your smartphone will last 2 years. Approximately 50 percent of its claims are due to loss and theft. Another 47 percent is from damage (water, cracked screen, etc.) while 3 percent is malfunction.

The good news is that there are lots of options today if you don’t want to use your phone provider’s insurer. Several alternative insurers, which I explore in my latest series for TheStreet.com, offer just damage insurance for a set price — as little as $59 a year for an iPhone.  Check out the series:


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