Apps to Help You Remember Mundane Tasks (now in iPhone & Android!)

I lean toward apps and activities that are useful so it was just a matter of time before I began exploring apps that help me take care of mundane activities. This is an app collection written for There’s one for iPhone users and Android lovers. Take a look: Apps to Help You Remember Mundane […]

What Else Can You Do With a Camera Phone?

Get that smartphone working for you with these apps that do more than just take a pretty pictures. Read about my app collection written for What Else Can You Do With a Camera Phone? Apps/Activities mentioned: Probe a car’s past life: Carfax Reports, iOS, AutoCheck Mobile for Consumers,Android and iOS Investigate scary moles: Doctor Mole, free, Android; Mole Detective, $4.99, Android and iOS; Skin of Mine, […]

New apps to try if the game’s a dud

The Super Bowl is great for camaraderie, food, commercials and, for some us, getting other work done. I figured I’m not alone in wanting to explore new apps while the game is droning in the background. Here are my picks for recently released apps to try during the game. Written for New apps to try […]

Super collection of Super Bowl apps

Super Bowl XLVI will definitely make history — at least in the mobile world. It’s the first year organizers are allowing smartphone users to tune in on their phones. Well, some smart phone users. They’ve got to be Verizon customers and have certain phones. And they’ve got to download this app (or this one if you’re […]

Lovely minimalist apps to get your life in sync (iOS)

I’m always looking for apps that help me sync my stuff on multiple devices — mobile and immobile. These apps help do the trick and have a wonderfully simple aesthetic. Calendar: Tempus by Mysterious Trousers  To-Do List: Wunderlist HD by 6 Wunderkinder Notes: Notefile by JuneCloud Bookmarks: Evernote Napkin Sketches: Penultimate Photos: PhotoSync by touchbyte […]