Apps to Help You Remember Mundane Tasks (now in iPhone & Android!)

I lean toward apps and activities that are useful so it was just a matter of time before I began exploring apps that help me take care of mundane activities. This is an app collection written for There’s one for iPhone users and Android lovers. Take a look: Apps to Help You Remember Mundane […]

Lovely minimalist apps to get your life in sync (iOS)

I’m always looking for apps that help me sync my stuff on multiple devices — mobile and immobile. These apps help do the trick and have a wonderfully simple aesthetic. Calendar: Tempus by Mysterious Trousers¬† To-Do List: Wunderlist HD by 6 Wunderkinder Notes: Notefile by JuneCloud Bookmarks: Evernote Napkin Sketches: Penultimate Photos: PhotoSync by touchbyte […]