Top Real Estate Markets and their Apps

Browsing results of a recent study on best places to invest in real estate (no, I’m not looking to move just yet), I wondered whether apps from or inspired by those regions were promising themselves? It wasn’t easy to track apps down and I’m sure (hopefully), there are others I left out unintentionally (let me […]

Lovely minimalist apps to get your life in sync (iOS)

I’m always looking for apps that help me sync my stuff on multiple devices — mobile and immobile. These apps help do the trick and have a wonderfully simple aesthetic. Calendar: Tempus by Mysterious Trousers¬† To-Do List: Wunderlist HD by 6 Wunderkinder Notes: Notefile by JuneCloud Bookmarks: Evernote Napkin Sketches: Penultimate Photos: PhotoSync by touchbyte […]

Apps to get your phone organized in 2 hours (Android)

A cluttered phone reveals an evil genius? How does that go? Anyway, my latest story focuses on apps that help organize the other apps on a phone. The apps mentioned in this story take a little more time and customization. But if you do struggle with a problem — like, how can I get more […]