Need start-up money? Try

Wouldn’t it be nice to have enough money to not only fund your own business but that of others you like? That’s what Danny DeMichele gets to do at, a San Diego-based investment company. Of course, DeMichele is doing more than hand out money. He’s lending his business expertise, staff and resources to startups he […]

Makers making money: How to make it and sell it online

The “Online sites help DIY-ers make jewelry, car parts” story for the UT San Diego. I was attracted to the story because all that super expensive, intimidating, modern equipment — 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC routers — is now accessible, thanks to sites like Shapeways, Ponoko, Spoonflowerand others. Some sites even offer software design tutorials […]

Super collection of Super Bowl apps

Super Bowl XLVI will definitely make history — at least in the mobile world. It’s the first year organizers are allowing smartphone users to tune in on their phones. Well, some smart phone users. They’ve got to be Verizon customers and have certain phones. And they’ve got to download this app (or this one if you’re […]