How to improve cell reception inside your own house

Covering consumer technology for often means plucking story ideas (and concerns) from my own life. My latest set of stories are very much related to the terrible cellular service I get in my basement, where I work. I have T-Mobile and have been with the company for maybe 10 years (!!). In an attempt […]

A Peek at Wi-Fi’s Future: Simpler and Faster (7 Gbps!)

While exploring an update on Wi-Fi (and routers and in-flight service), it seemed like a good time as any to update myself and readers what’s next in Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi Alliance happily obliged with an in-depth interview. Edgar Figueroa, CEO of the Wi-Fi Alliance, told me about the upcoming new generation of Wi-Fi called 802.11ac (it’s so […]

Smart tips for flying with Wi-Fi

My first in-flight Wi-Fi experience was memorable. Awful, really. Soooooo slow.  But with JetBlue and Boeing recently committing to spreading Wi-Fi to more aircraft, in-flight Wi-Fi can only get faster. In the meantime, I’ve checked in with in-flight Wi-Fi providers GoGo and plus nifty newcomer (tells you which flights have Wi-Fi & power outlets!) to get some insight […]

When the Home’s Most Important Internet Device Fails

Thought about your wireless router lately? Didn’t think so. Most of us don’t think about it until it goes kaput. And after it does, replacing it could be a major headache with all the available options out there. Let me help you with that. My latest series of stories for tackle the topic of […]